My Dad Has Always Loved Auckland



Without having even been there.  It’s lovely, but I want to see Wellington (which will obviously be easier when I’m living Down Under) and the southern island.  Also, Tasmania (there’s a dirty joke in there, by the way).

My deciding factor between going to the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand was that I REALLY wanted to see a Maori performance.  Mission accomplished, and absolutely the right decision.

If you watch rugby, you’ll recognize the Hakka
Sara got hers.  Her picture.  I love this man though.  

I also went to the top of the Sky Tower.


The elevator ride was absolutely terrifying. Aside from the base and top, the actual tower is just the elevator, so you’re smack dab against the side of it riding up.  It’s worth it though – Auckland is beautiful from above.  Also I was fortunate to be up there to see the sunset.


There’s something called “Sky Jump” where people jump off the top.  I watched one.  I did not participate.

Auckland is chilly at night, even by my standards.  But beautiful nonetheless.  (Plus phenomenal Sauvignon Blanc – you’re welcome, Nicole.)


More Sky Tower.  But tell me that billboard doesn’t make you laugh.
This church might be my favorite part of the city.  It was so peaceful.  Even as I froze off my patootie.

I planned on 2 days in Auckland but decided to head back to Sydney a day early.  I had to go see about a boy.  (I hope you get the Good Will Hunting reference.)

Bye, people!

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