G’Day Mate! Let’s Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie

I hope you recognize that quote from Dumb and Dumber (that Lloyd Christmas!).

Well, I almost missed my flight to Vancouver, and not because I overslept. ¬†The traffic to get to O’Hare was absolutely felonious, so I checked into my flight (couldn’t do it online) at 6:41PM. ¬†(The cut-off was 6:44PM.). Then I made it through security in 3 minutes. ¬†That, my friends, is a sheer miracle.

The layover in Vancouver was just short enough. ¬†And the 15 hour flight to Sydney reinforces my belief that a long flight is better than one to Europe. ¬†According to my FitBit, ¬†I slept 7 1/2 hours of glorious, deep sleep. ¬†Fortunately I should say, because I got to the hotel five hours before check-in time, and my room wasn’t ready. ¬†So I dropped my bags off and headed for Sydney Harbour.

I started in the Royal Botanical Gardens.  This is like Central Park except much prettier and more sculpted (literally, there are a lot of sculptures).  It was such a pretty spot in the middle of the expansive Sydney skyline crowded with ultra-modern skyscrapers.


My favorite sculpture is the last one, because it’s like a Redcoat and an ancient Greek made a love child. ¬†It really makes no sense at all. ¬†Also, I’ve said it many times – if it’s a sign, it means it’s happened:

How does one get locked in a public garden? ¬†Actually, it’s probably better not to know.

From the Gardens, it’s an easy walk to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

I’ve seen so many pictures of this view, but it’s still never what you expect

That’s the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, which I’m considering climbing. ¬†(I’m not sold on it yet.) This is taken from the steps of the Opera House. ¬†So many people were running past on their lunch hour, and I’m sure every one of them hated dodging all the tourists like me (there were a LOT of us).

I wanted to take the ferry to Darling Harbour, but I’d just missed one (side note: ¬†I learned this from a Hemsworth lookalike with an Australian accent. ¬†I have found probably a dozen men like this in one day who I would support being the father of my children.) ¬†Annnnyway, I had just missed that ferry, so I got on the other one just to ride around the harbor. ¬†I definitely felt like one of the homeless guys who spends the night on the Red Line just ridin’ the rails. ¬†I was right though – it provided much better views!

I don’t know if I prefer the message of SAFETY FIRST or the terrifyingly creepy face that served I don’t know what purpose at that amusement park.

Also, I got several shots in front of the Opera House, but my favorite is out on the water because I clearly couldn’t figure out how to aim the selfie stick.


From the entrance.  I was that jerk blocking the locals from running

After walking through Circular Quay and The Rocks, I saw a dumpling bar.  We can all agree now that my sabbatical has morphed into a world dumpling tour, so I was there faster than stink on a monkey (credit:  Kramer).  Unfortunately they were out of the barbecue duck and jade prawn ones, so I had scallop and vegetable:

Sauces for days

Since it’s “winter,” it was dark by 5:30, and that combined with the time difference, meant that I fell asleep (on my big, luxurious hotel bed) at 6:15. ¬†But I woke up just in time to get some Indian takeaway for dinner.


My last thing is that there are sushi stands everywhere. ¬†Including this one in an Underground station (I’ll get into how awesome they are later).

Off to find Liane Moriarty!

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