Shameless Birthday Plug


Here’s a big thank you to my three heterosexual life partners for being so fabulous and celebrating my 36 in a big way.  (Also for going with the flow when I wanted to sit on this weird reverse motorcycle owned by a guy in a Pirates jersey who did NOT love us.  Just not having these shenanigans.)

Our nosy neighbors had left by this point.  They either loved or hated us.  

Also, let’s be honest – these ladies are the ones who wanted to stage an elaborate photo shoot on this vehicle. (Heather, please send me yours, because you were better than a Whitesnake video.)

Below, please find Martha in all her glory.

Cheers to Jill for being a lady and just laughing at us.  🙅

Thanks, Motorcyle-ish Person for all the fun.

Fingers crossed for the Pens, because they don’t win when I’m out of the country.  (Evgeni Malkin, I’m here!!)

And I’ll see you tomorrow in Colombia!

One thought on “Shameless Birthday Plug”

  1. I’m very intrigued by this “heterosexual life partners” thing. It sounds very contemporary, in a reassuringly traditional sort of way. And it seems to involve a great deal of fun.


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