The Day I Did Everything

Really, just all the things.


There’s really nothing to see at the Cape of Good Hope as a land lubber, but you still go just to get this damn picture.  I apologize to our guide for strong-arming him into taking us there.  (But totally worth it.)


WARNING:  this post isn’t so much my incredibly witty observations but rather pictures of the areas surrounding Cape Town.  Because it’s that beautiful.  But before I get into the details of my NINE-HOUR-TOUR (ah shit, now the Gilligan’s Island theme song is in my head), let’s all mourn the loss of my iPad.  Ol’ Bessie has been with me for this entire journey, and it’s almost as expensive to ship her back as it is to buy a new one.  The cleaning woman at my Cape Town hotel now has it as a thank you for being honest enough to turn it in.  Enjoy all 14 hours of 24 viewing pleasure, madam.

Anyway, onward and upward.  My last day in Cape Town was a tour of freaking everything (several bays – the views of the water in this place look photoshopped even in person – Chapman’s Peak, Cape Point reserve – including ostriches and baboons – and most importantly, Boulders Beach). (Oh, also I continued on to Stellenbosch.)





See?  Photoshopped (except not).  I have never seen skies or water like this, so even if I did nothing but drive around looking at the water, this trip would have been absolutely worth it.

We ended up at Cape Point, as I mentioned, and all the people on the tour (a bunch of loud Norwegians, although also a very lovely Polish couple) wanted to take the car to the top of the lookout point at a lighthouse to look at the water.  I figured that we were already high enough, so I got some coffee and read overlooking this view.  I’m happy with my decision.


The bird loves it too.


Heading out of the reserve, we ran into some of these baboons we heard so much about.  They are received with much fanfare.



Digging for food.  Reminds me of the time my friend ate nachos out of the garbage 12 hours after trying on Tiffany engagement rings.  And by “friend,” I mean me.  RIP La Bamba; you enriched us all.



Baby monkey jumping off his mom.  This dude was all up in her business for a solid 5 minutes.


Next up was Boulders Beach in Simons Town.  That’s where the penguins are!  The first thing pretty much anyone said to me when I said I was going to Cape Town was “bring me back a penguin!”  I really wanted to take one (even though they stink), but the whole rabies/penguin disease/bubonic plague thing stopped me.  But look at these little darlings!

(The irony is not lost on me that the Pittsburgh Penguins were playing as I was looking at these penguins.)

At this point, all the loud Norwegians and lovely Polish couple disembarked and went back to the city, and I was the only one who continued on the full day tour.  Ivan and I headed off to Stellenbosch for some wine tastings.  The best question I’ve gotten in a long time happened on this ride.  “Would you rather do wine and cheese pairings or wine and biltong pairings?”  When in Rome…

At Marianne vineyard, I went with the wine and biltong pairing (kudu, springbok, and beef).


One of the coolest culinary experiences I’ve ever had


Overall this was a good day.


Thanks to Marianne Estate for some of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Rose I’ve ever had.  And the late afternoon suntan!

That’s a wrap!  I very much want to go back (I won’t lie in saying that I’m not looking up jobs in Cape Town), so if any of you want a travel buddy, let me know!  And side note on my travel home:  thank you to transit hotels and the Lufthansa lounge for allowing me showers and naps.  I got home with absolutely no jet lag.  After 36 hours of travel.

Check back in a few days for views from historic Colombia!


One thought on “The Day I Did Everything”

  1. These are absolutely breath taking. I understand why you fell in love with it. Are the natives friendly? Happy the Norwegians departed. Remember that when you go to Scandinavia if that is on your Venue. Be careful in Colombia dear Sara!


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