Quo Vadis?

Sunset over Pretoria

Remember that time it was a Monday night and you found out a high school friend lived in South Africa and booked a trip for that Wednesday?

My layover was in Frankfurt, and I’d anticipated going into the city during the 8 hours I had to wait for my connection to Jo-burg. ¬†Unfortunately I slept less that 2 hours on the flight and shot that plan to hell in lieu of getting a room in the airport hotel to sleep. ¬†But if you want to see Frankfurt, here are some live action shots from the airport:

My first stop in South Africa was Pretoria to see that hot piece @kmlavorini.  We started off at the Union Buildings, with a towering Nelson Mandela front and center.


I didn’t think it was possible for us to look even shorter than we are.

Then off to the hill on the other side of the city for the Voortrekker Monument, which shows a history of the Voortrekkers who left Cape Colony in the mid 1800’s. ¬†I tried climbing to the top but just couldn’t do it, because safety is of the utmost importance in my life (except for when I cut my own bangs). ¬†Both the Voortrekker and the Union Buildings provide amazing views of Pretoria.

Dinner was a real South African experience. ¬†“Venison” applies to most things you can shoot that run (there’s a venison of the day in some places), but we went for carpaccio instead. ¬†Have you ever eaten kudu or springbok? ¬†If not, you ain’t livin’!


Finally, I have to give a big WOO-WOO to my men (boys) the Pittsburgh Penguins! ¬†I had to leave for O’Hare 5 minutes into the game but found it playing at a bar in the airport. ¬†Randomly, the guy next to me was a Pens fan. ¬†So much high-fiving, so many dirty looks. ¬†(Just shut up and eat your Bloomin’ Onion, Linda.

Heroes don’t always wear capes.

Until tomorrow!


P.S. “Quo vadis” is on a sculpture at the Monument and means “where are you going?”

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