The Republic of Korea


Yep, that’s right – there’s only one Korea.  Somewhere, there’s a fat toddler throwing a tantrum about that. This was an interesting time to visit since a new president was elected 3 days before I landed, and the self-titled supreme leader is now reaching out for diplomatic talks.  (Word on the street is that this happens any time he does something stupid like a missile test.)  Which is probably why this sign is posted:

Amazon, beware

Anyway, I made friends with the guy next to me on the plane.  He works for the US government in Seoul so gave me a lot of suggestions and background on what’s actually happening in South Korea during the cab ride to Itaewon (shout out to Scott!).  This is a very international part of the city and near the old US military base.  He wasn’t kidding – Itaewon on a Friday night is bumpin’:




I spent a couple of hours just walking around and looking at things.  (Ladies, visit Skin Food if you’re ever in South Korea.) Unfortunately I passed out early (sorry, Scott!) despite not being able to work the lights in my hotel room, so I didn’t go clubbing.  Then again, this is me we are talking about.  I’m one step away from a glass of warm milk and an episode of Murder She Wrote before turning in at 7 PM.

That also means I was up early to try banana milk – PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE STATES – and visit Gyeongbokgung Palace.   I don’t know how to pronounce it either.  It was easy to find with a little subway maneuvering (I was terribly proud of myself for navigating the Korean subway without getting lost once, despite my utter lack of a sense of direction).  The system is fairly easy since most signs and announcements are also in English.  Plus there’s this:


I can read that these are gas masks, but I’m dying to know the back story as to the pictures and why this is in every station.  It reminds me of a David Hasselhoff music video I saw once.

Also yet again I find my favorite gentleman.

At least I can read part of it.

The palace is fabulous, as was the museum across the street.

You don’t look like an asshole using a selfie stick in Asia.
I love the juxtaposition of old and new with skyscrapers in the background


This is the second time the site has crashed while writing this, so I’m long overdue for a post.  That means you’ll probably get another one in about an hour.  My condolences!

4 thoughts on “The Republic of Korea”

  1. I’m loving your blog and reading all about where you have been and seeing your amazing pictures. You’re such the world traveler!


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