The Flight That Never Was

What’s the difference between a Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign and my flight to Seoul?  Neither one seems to get off the ground.

I’ve been sitting in various parts of SFO, including on an actual airplane, for 4 hours now.  First we lost the captain, then the plane wasn’t “air-worthy.”  Well, you know when I heard the second excuse I was OFF in 3 seconds flat.  (Also, yes, we were on the plane for an hour waiting for the captain.  How is that a thing?  Thanks, United – one more to add to your recent string of successes.)


This being said, this is all worth it since I got to see my homie Natalya from the GSB last night.  I stupidly didn’t take a picture of us, probably because I was too focused on telling her I wanted to hang out with her kid (seriously the coolest little boy ever.  And that includes you, Evan.)  Thanks, Natasha!!😘👯

I’m hoping this is the last of my time in SFO now, because we are re-boarding.  Allegedly.



3 thoughts on “The Flight That Never Was”

  1. Sara Pollock.. YOU are so funny! How you saw any humor, in the waiting ON the plane, I don’t understand.. I would’ve been anxiety ridden ! Also, waiting over four hours for a new plane /Captain, I probably would’ve been crying and VERY FRUSTRATED.. I DO NOT have patience like you and Evan, unfortunately!! So BRAVO on turning a bad situation into a humorous story !! You ARE AMAZING 😉


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