Here Comes the Sun🎶


A friend of mine has a theory that everyone is either an Italy person or a Spain person (while I love Spain, I’m definitely in the first camp).  I’m about to turn that theory on its head though – EVERYONE is a Portugal person.  You heard it here first – you absolutely must visit Portugal.  Go early, go often, go before the unwashed masses catch on and start booking flights.

I could walk around for days looking at the pretty architecture.  This is one of the few cities as colorful as I am (literally and figuratively).


Obsessed with this building



Lisbon is also home to one of the prettiest churches in Europe, Igreja de Sao Roque.  This is made out of actual gold:

Walking these hills makes one hungry.  Fortunately I found myself at the Mercado da Ribeira on my first try!  It’s a huge market with two big rooms separated by a hallway filled with flower vendors.  On one side is fresh fish and produce for sale, and on the other is a bunch of tables with restaurants surrounding the perimeter.  I stopped at a station offering a chef’s tasting menu for lunch.  This was my favorite part of the day, particularly because this place only features four and five star chefs.

Chef Miguel Mesquita makes some magic

I was excited to see what was on the menu (salt cod with creamy rice), because when you’re in Portugal, you have to eat fish.  It was delicious (and a lovely change of pace from British food).  Hold onto your seats – I also ate the lemon berry cheesecake mousse that was for dessert.  The total bill for this meal, including 2 glasses of vinho verde, was a whopping 12.50 euros.


I wanted to eat my way through the whole market but decided to walk it off instead.  I crossed the street and walked along the ocean.


There is a gentleman on the shore who paints rocks with nail polish.  It’s pretty impressive, so I salute you, Rock Man.


This brings me to Sidewalk Wine.  I hope Evan (my darling brother) is reading this, because he was there for the birthplace of SW while waiting for a train from Trento to Venice:

Trento, Italy.  The birthplace of Bruna Dellana AND Sidewalk Wine

Turns out Lisbon is one endless opportunity for Sidewalk Wine.




After a week in the U.K. and Ireland, Lisboa was a fun change.  I think the best part of the city is that you can just lose yourself wandering around and looking at pretty things.  I hope these pictures convinced you to go see for yourself!

After a jam-packed week, it’s back to the US and Colonel Mustard.  Because as Dorothy said, “no matter where you go, there’s no place like home.”



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