I’m now officially one day behind on my posts, so I am writing about my final day in Dublin while drinking vinho verde on the ocean in Lisbon (more on sidewalk wine in tomorrow’s post).

One of my dad’s ancestors was a Founding Father (Judge James Wilson).  Turns out a little googling tells me was born in Dublin!  I remember Pops once saying that his mom’s family lived in Ireland, but I’d completely forgotten.  That means I knocked out two homeland visits in one trip, so even better.  I’m so efficient (yet not at all German).  (More on great-great-whatever granddaddy here, although it was my understanding that he signed both founding documents.)

I started my day at Trinity College.


It was beautiful, but I think I wasn’t as moved as everyone else since it looks so much like Penn (my undergrad, and coincidentally also where great-great-whatever granddaddy founded the law school).  I’m just so impressed by the incredibly vibrant shade of green the grass is everywhere here.

Afterward I headed across ye ole river to see the Old Jameson Distillery.  (I recognize all the frat boys and aging frat boys want to see the Guiness factory, but I’m a real man.)

Heading back across the river, I found my favorite place in the city, a random small park attached to an old cathedral.


Ridiculously serene.  If I lived in Dublin, I would probably spend 95% of my time here.  I would be known among the police community as That Girl for sleeping here.

Which brings me to my favorite thing about my new (forgotten) homeland:  the signage.  Yep, the Irish are hilarious but don’t always know it, which is a damn shame.  My favorites:


I know it makes me a terrible person, but I kind of wanted to witness this in real life.


Mary, we will forever applaud you.  Love, The World.


To be fair, this isn’t a joke, but it tickles me to know that somewhere there’s a 19-year-old Will Smith doing the running man to celebrate that this ‘do is coming back into style.

Short day so that I can make the 7:00 (i.e. the 19:00) to Lisbon.  And yettttt again I find myself at the Dublin airport.

We’ll chat tomorrow – for now I have to get back to the ocean and the guy trying to unload his sunglasses on me.



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