Tonight finds me exhausted since that idyllic Scottish castle also came with a pack of hellbirds that started chirping at my window like roosters in heat at 5 am.

Needs coffee.

However, things took a toll for the best when I got to Dublin.  After checking into the hotel, the elevator doors opened, and there were three kegs in there but no people.  It was awesome.  I pulled out my phone to take a picture, but unfortunately we stopped on the next floor, where the hotel employees rolled them out.  It truly was the best welcome to Ireland.

This city is beautiful!  It is very green, so I get the country’s nickname:


Speaking of which, I assume the green is legal here since I’ve seen three people smoking it.  Also legal?  Burger King.  That’s right, I’ve spotted four more just walking around Temple Bar and the surrounding area.  Fortunately I found my home not far from there though.


What what?! Only good things can come from this.  I went in to enquire (how British am I?) about the tours, but the girl working the counter was too busy talking to an au pair with a stupid accent and potentially hearing problems as she was near screaming.  I realized that exhaustion plus whiskey combined was just the short road to violence, so I left instead and went shopping.  There was a pretty sweater shop next door, and I tried to purchase this:

The future Mr. Sara

No, not the sweater.  The salesgirl didn’t appreciate the joke.  Seems I don’t have one of those senses of humor that translates to other cultures.

I kept walking down Grafton street, which is a bustling shopping district with lots of people playing their guitars and such (and good music at that).  This ends across the street from a gorgeous park.


I don’t speak Gaelic, but I’m pretty sure that says “Not Burger King Park.”  The inside is really pretty and green and one of those urban oases that you forget can exist in a city.  It was a nice day, so almost every square inch of grass was covered in people sunning themselves, happy that spring is finally here.  As a Chicagoan, I both understand and applaud that.  Also, right after the entrance is a shaded pond where the seagull and the duck swim side by side.  Much our society can learn from these birds.


I also saw two women (drunk as skunks) pouring Chardonnay into Diet Coke bottles because otherwise they “couldn’t take it into the park.” Now, I’m not saying my friend Nicole and I haven’t done similar, but at least we got bottles that weren’t clear.  I took a picture of it because it was so hilariously wrong, but one of the townies noticed, and I had to walk away quickly to avoid some type of street fight.  I’m a lady, after all.

I’ll end with a few pictures of scenery and architectural details that I thought were pretty.

Good night all!  (Also, FYI, the real name for Not Burger King Park is St. Stephen’s Park.)

2 thoughts on “Dublin”

  1. Busking (playing music for money/free outside – what they call it in Ireland) on Grafton Street is how U2 got its start! So glad that you had nice weather when you were there!


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