Scotland the Brave


Welcome to Edinburgh.  I love history, and this is the first place I’ve been where I see remnants of the Middle Ages that make it come to life.  The city is majestic in its own very specific way, and there’s nothing like it!

Those of you who know me know that I’m afraid of heights.  When I looked up at Edinburgh Castle, I realized I’d have to get up there somehow to be able to walk the Royal Mile ( known as High Street to the locals).  THIS is proof as to how much I love my dad (especially since I got my fear of heights from him), because I only did this to show him pictures.  Here’s where I had to go:


Yep, got to go up there.  Toddlers ran past me on the way there.  The first part was very pretty:


Then shit got real.  I made good progress and stupidly looked down (NEVER LOOK DOWN).


Thanks to my insatiable thirst for victory, I made it!  It’s kind of amazing to be on top of a city, so it was definitely worth it (plus the whole loving my father thing made it worth it).


Walking down High Street was very touristy but beautiful.  Most of those lameasses didn’t even make it to the end, which might be the best part.  At the bottom of the hill is Holyrood Castle, Mary Queen of Scots Scottish home plus an amazing view of the yellow hills/mountains.

FYI, there are some insane people scaling that mountain.

After developing blisters on my blisters – and, according to my Fitbit, climbing 60 flights of stairs – I finally sucked it up and did what I vowed.  I tried haggis.


Surprisingly enough, not as gross as I’d expected.  It was the consistency of couscous and tasted very peppery.  I didn’t gag at all (set the bar low on that one).  To be fair though, I only ate one bite then boxed it up for someone who was hungry on the street.  Here’s something I never though I’d say – Scottish food is better than English food.  Talk about doin’ some learnin’!

Its about time for me to go to bed so I can head to the Highlands tomorrow, so I’ll leave you with this shot of me and my homie Adam Smith and his Wealth of Nations.


Night lads and lassies!

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