Day 2 in London

If you don’t like art, you probably don’t want to read any more of this!  Today I went to the National Gallery – why was this not at the top of my London bucket list?? – for the Michelangelo versus Sebastiano exhibit.  This proves my theory that I can sense a Michelangelo piece like a pig sniffing out a truffle.  I am very sad that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of any of his works, but it was surreal to see his sketches.  I’ve only ever seen pictures of them, so I was livin’ on the edge (quote:  Aerosmith) being in front of them.  If you ever have the opportunity to see his stuff, please take it – it is very humbling!

I also made a grand fool of myself when I walked into one of the rooms, saw this across the way, and said “Gauguin!”  I’m okay with this, because this is one interesting dude.


(Actually he was a real dick.  Left his wife and kids to move to Tahiti and have 13-year-old mistresses.  Also he’s the final straw that caused Van Gogh to cut off his ear.  Such a fascinating yet disgusting man with a distinct painting style.)

I was contemplating not showing any more art, but I can’t not do that because there are a few more pieces I loved for specific reasons.


I’ve never seen any of da Vinci’s drawings in person either, particularly in such large form, which I think are more impressive than his paintings.  (Speaking of which, I saw two things today that made this whole trip worth it.  1.  Michelangelo drew sketches of figures on the back of one of his paintings with Sebastiano, and 2. He signed a sketch “Michel Angelo.”)


The second painting I wanted to show you is, if I remember properly, Rembrandt’s last self-potrait.  I’ve only seen photos in art history books, so this floated my boat.

After almost punching a bunch of people – tourists and locals alike – because I was hungry leaving, I went to see London Bridge (they play that song nonstop under the bridge).  After about an hour in Borough Market (favorite place in London!)  I got a shot of the Tower walking across the bridge.


The last thing I really wanted to do before I left for Edinburgh was see Notting Hill.  NH needs some Kate:


I walked for a bit, and I’m going to pretend this is William Thacker’s house because, after all, it is the house in Notting Hill with the blue door!


As I leave London tomorrow, I have chosen this time to reflect.  First of all, while I don’t think this will be controversial, it will definitely piss some people off – English food sucks.  It just does.  Even in Italian restaurants.  Even in pizzerias.  The only bright spot is jacket potatoes.  And Indian food, which I was a fool for not eating!  That being said, I didn’t expect for a culinary revolution here (I expected to make Prince Harry fall in love with me, duh).  Also, it only goes downhill from here, because I can almost promise you I want to try haggis.  Mmm, organs!

I’ll see you tomorrow in The Hameland (courtesy:  Bruce Pollock).



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