Hello from the Other Side of the Pond!*

(*They’re really going to hate me over here for saying things, like when I asked my seat mate on the plane whether I was being cheeky.)  This morning I got to jolly ol’ London via Ireland.  Walking through the Dublin airport at 5:35 AM, dreading killing  2 1/2 hours (particularly since it was approaching the wee hours my time), should have been a challenge.  Then I saw an airport bar…and it was packed.  I mean PACKED.  There was chanting and cheering and pints everywhere, and I’ve never loved a group of people more.  Thank you, you delightful people, for making my layover wayyyyyy more fun.

But before I get into the actual travel, I want to thank the lovely people at Camp Wiggles for sending me this yesterday and making my leaving easier:


Come on – it’s my dog in a crown.  You can’t beat that.  This absolutely made my day (for more fun-filled adventures from them, please follow @CampWiggles on Instagram).

When I did get to the Queen’s city, all I wanted to do was nap.  To be fair, I didn’t sleep on the flights.  But I decided to POWER THROUGH, SOLDIER…which is probably how I ended up taking a picture like this:


Yep, that sure is me giving bitchface to…Westminster Abbey.  That being said, I got very smiley when I saw my second favorite Big Ben (Get it?  Because I’m a Steelers fan)


[Note:  a big thank you to my favorite lady Jamie (@jamiesvi) for the new ‘do!  Much easier in the London mist/rain/fog.  She also definitely  appreciates that Big Ben joke.]

For the most part I walked the city, but I’m also getting familiar with the Tube.  And yes, I feel fancy for calling it that.  But there are three things I don’t afterstand after one day, though. My biggest question is why people think it’s okay to eat Indian takeout on the train (fish and anything equally pungent are in the same category).

Ponder that, please.  Alright, as I enter hour 32 of no sleep, I’ll leave you with this picture of a horse threatening me with his eyes.


See?  Looking right at me.

Until tomorrow, dolls!  And remember this place I never plan to visit.




2 thoughts on “Hello from the Other Side of the Pond!*”

  1. I just missed you…I left London Monday am after the marathon…reading about day 1+ of your adventure made my day..you crack me up…even from across the pond…now get some sleep as more adventure awaittttsss you!


    1. I’m so sad I missed you girl!! And your note made my day. Please let me know where your next exotic insane test of will is. Or if you want to go somewhere fun for a long weekend! Love you😘


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