What Started It All…

Hi y’all!

Thanks for joining me on this crazy experience.  Just a week ago I was getting dressed for work, and now I’m packing for Asia.  Wait, what?

Yep, I bit the bullet and quit my job to go see lots of cool stuff.  Exciting?  Yes.  Scary?  Yes.

It seems the whole world has the travel bug.  Mine didn’t really flare up until I saw the church where my nonna was baptized (see above).  Back in February, my brother and I went to Italy for an art/food/wine/la nostra nonna extravaganza.  Trento Castle on WaterI walked away from that with a lot of pictures of the David and extra enthusiasm (plus maybe diabetes from all the fab-fab-fabulous tiramisu).  Tiramasu.JPGA month later, I went to the Dominican Republic to celebrate my decision to go on a world tour.  You can’t beat a blue margarita on a sunny beach!Margarita in DR

Tomorrow I leave for my first trip.  Please stop back for embarrassing pictures and stories!


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